The Clinic

The Garden
The Waiting Area
Treatment Room
Treatment Room

Lesley’s massage therapy clinic is conveniently located minutes from Sheppard subway, near Leslie Street and Sheppard Avenue in North York, with ample free parking. Nearby are IKEA, Bayview Village Plaza and Canadian Tire.

Once you arrive, you will be greeted by a lovely, quiet oasis in the centre of the city. The separate side entrance to the clinic is surrounded by a peaceful back garden, where song birds, soft breezes and beautiful scents of the many flowers will sooth the soul, while sipping a glass of lemon water either before or after your treatment.

As soon as you walk through the main floor entrance, you will enter a warm and relaxed atmosphere, with soft lighting and light background music. The massage table is extremely comfortable, with extra padding, extra width and is warmed and ready for you.

In the treatment room there is an area to change and hang your clothes. Once you are ready and comfortable on the massage table, Lesley will knock and enter to begin your treatment session.